The law, by your side in business

We have consolidated our skills over many years. The key factor behind the successful development of our business is our ability to partner with our clients and share their point of view.

Our highly efficient team combines the skills of many professionals in each of our projects.
Our approach integrates specialist aspects of legal expertise, examining a range of perspectives, before identifying the best strategy and most effective solution.

Specialization for quality results

What is the reliability of our results based on?
Leonelli & Partners deals exclusively with specific areas of law. We believe that in-depth knowledge of the area in which we operate guarantees excellent results.
This specialized and thorough analysis allows our rm to act smoothly and dynamically, assuring the future of our business.

By your side, speaking your language

Our commitment to specialization is not limited to our expertise
and skill set: we provide effective and reliable support to our clients every step of the way.
Thanks to our specialist experience, we have expert knowledge of the internal dynamics and legal needs of companies of all sizes, in all markets.
Our proven results ensure maximum efficiency: an indispensable competitive advantage for your business.

Work ethics and transparency

We work to exacting ethical standards – the foundations of the legal profession.
With the same discipline, we establish clear and direct relationships with all our clients.
We ensure continuous transparency of costs and results.
We deliver clear and comprehensive communications: all our clients are provided with a detailed step-by-step report of our work.
Our clients appreciate our ability to keep them continuously updated, explaining what we are doing in a coherent way.
Our commitment to these principles comes from the heart.

Our promises: competence and dedication

What do we guarantee to our clients?
Commitment and complete reliability. Speed and flexibility. Only a specialized law firm like ours can offer the availability of our partners, with a standard of uncompromising quality.
The driving force of our rm is our proven capability in the legal eld, which determines our successful growth.