Intellectual property

Creativity has value.
We protect for you.

We defend the interests of Italian and foreign companies, delivering outstanding results in protecting intellectual property.

We have been ensuring success for our clients for more than 30 years in the areas of: copyright and trademarks, patents, design and prototypes, trade secrets and unfair competition. Our dedication today determines the results of the future.


We provide legal assistance to leading names in the field of culture and creativity; authors and publishers, printing, music production, radio, TV, cinema, art, photography, advertising, design, multimedia installations, internet and digital technology.
We provide comprehensive and reliable legal support: we provide clients with feasibility studies, negotiation of rights, due diligence and specialized contractual matters. We support clients with both pre-litigation and judicial assistance, before the specialized IP sections of the courts and in arbitration.

We help clients to decide the most effective strategy with regard to SIAE and other collecting agencies.
We also provide specialist training courses, with sessions tailored to our clients’ operational needs. Investing employees with relevant legal knowledge makes an important contribution to the protection of corporate interests.

Industrial property

Companies appreciate our expert professional guidance at every stage, from discussing options and implementation to the management and protection of exclusive rights.

We offer advance assessments for the protection of trademarks, patents, models, design and origin markings, as well as examining the chance of conflicts with pre-existing registrations, exclusive rights and previous technologies, in Italy and worldwide.

We support business activities throughout the life cycle of a patent; we offer legal assistance for acquisitions, licenses, contributions or partnerships, in the preparation of contracts and in negotiations. We carefully study every phenomenon which may constitute an IP infringement.

We protect our clients’ know-how and confidential information, drafting agreements with employees, partners and competitors in the most effective way.

Finally, we offer our clients a dependable guide through the various steps of prelitigation, while in litigation we assist them before the specialized IP sections of the courts, arbitration boards or the relevant administrative authorities.

Competition among companies

We understand the hidden dynamics of competition and ensure a comprehensive overview in this field.
We also deal with unfair competition issues, illegal business activity, deceptive advertising, aggressive advertising campaigns, parasitic competition and other forms of infringement of fair professional practices (including forms which lie outside the definition of intellectual property).
We support our clients in pre-litigation and before specialized sections of the courts and administrative authorities.

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