Insurance law

The guarantee of a skilled
and dedicated commitment

In the insurance sector, our attention to detail is combined with a perspective based on decades of specialist experience.

Leonelli & Partners offer legal advice to leading Italian and foreign insurance companies; German companies make up a signification proportion of the latter. We face the complexities
of insurance legislation and practice with care and precision, continuously committed to dependable and punctual work; this allows us to deliver excellent results to our clients.

Civil liability and damages

We offer companies expert legal support related to all the main categories of insurance. We have extensive experience in the fields of: third party insurance (general, health or from clinical trials), professional liability, employer’s responsibility, and product liability.

In the property sector we have an equally comprehensive knowledge,
with specialization in issues related to large industrial risks, food contamination (tampering) and ne art insurance.

Out of court advice

Competent and accurate advice facilitates the daily activities of the companies that rely on us.
We provide legal opinions about the effectiveness of guarantees and compensation of claims; we coordinate experts for investigation and damage assessment; we manage claims until the point of payment, the refusal of compensation, or out-of-court settlement.

In Civil Liability or ‘All Risks’ policies we directly assist the policy holder in the management of the claim on behalf of the companies.
We revise whole policy texts in detail, optimizing them to guarantee maximum clarity; including foreign insurance policy texts that we adapt to the complexities of Italian law.


We assist the client in every stage of insurance disputes, including the mandatory mediation phase.
We represent our clients: in the legal action of the policy holder for non- payment of compensation; in civil liability claims, when the insurer has the duty to guarantee its insured; and in redress actions by the client against responsible third parties.
On behalf of the company, we provide legal defence in civil liability claims.
Finally we manage disputes between our clients and their intermediaries for the revocation of mandate or quanti cation of end of management indemnities.

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