Corporate law

We share our clients’
point of view

Reliable, high quality legal services are an essential factor for successful business.
Leonelli & Partners have built their professional reputation by partnering with their clients.

Thanks to this experience, we share our clients’ point of view.
Our clients recognize that we understand the dynamics of their business and the specific needs of their industry.

Commercial Law

We provide legal opinions and follow the negotiation and drafting of contracts. In particular sale and distribution agreements, franchising, transport and logistics, agency, procurement and pharmaceutical research, including internationally.

We support companies in pre-litigation, disputes, in court and in arbitration.

Corporate Law

We offer expert and attentive legal advice from the incorporation phase to partnerships and limited companies, ATI (temporary association of companies), consortium companies and non- commercial entities.
We follow every step of our clients’ ordinary corporate activity from relationship management between shareholders and corporate bodies to the selection and implementation of governance systems.

We provide the framework for extraordinary company actions, such as reorganisation, restructuring and transfers of business; in doing this, we utilize our detailed knowledge of every implication, including tax and antitrust.

We support our clients in corporate litigation proceedings, including liability actions towards corporate bodies, in court and in arbitration.

Administrative responsibility of the companies

We support our clients in regulatory compliance required by Legislative Decree 231/2001 .
We conduct a preliminary analysis of the company and the risks associated with its business;
we prepare the code of ethics, the organizational model and any document necessary for its implementation.

We ensure expert advice in the subsequent phase of dissemination of organizational models; we take care
of the training and updating of models already in use, in response to the evolution of legislation and that of the company.

We have a consolidated experience as members of single-person and collegiate supervisory boards of various companies, including State-controlled companies. We also provide advice to public bodies and State-controlled companies on anti-corruption matters.

Privacy and GDPR

We deal with every type of activity related to the Italian and European regulations on privacy, including auditing services; we assist companies in the phases of adapting to current regulations and maintaining compliance with the existing legislation, including record- keeping for evidence of data protection compliance, according to the latest requirements of the Privacy Authority and case-law guidelines. We assist Data Protection Officers in GDPR procedures, in organisation and interpretation issues.

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